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Ribo Royal Investment Ltd is a reputed and recognized organization whose manpower is the largest and most fundamental source of it, and is the most strategic factor in advancing its goals.

The policy that the firm believes firmly in it is to maximize its human capital in order to maximize its efficiency in coordination with its own initiatives, values, strategy and shareholder needs.

If you join this company, you will have an opportunity to work with the most professional people from different nationalities with different cultures and education.

Also, the firm believes in the principle of merit-based career framework and believes that this will surely be the main factor for the company's development and expansion.

Our open positions

Ribo Royal Group invites you -If you would like to cooperate- to send your professional information to hr@riboroyal.com in order to develop and complete its professional staff.

Graphic artist and designer
Assistant Manager
Call center employee
Hotel receptionist
Procurement Officer
Commercial official


We know that the company's development depends on the talent, ability and commitment of its employees and the organization's determination is to provide a healthy and high-quality environment for its members. Accordingly, Ribo Royal Corporation sees its employees as an integral part of the body of the company, and this approach is somehow implemented in the personnel system that encourages individual initiative, productivity and growth.

The company's HRM practices are organized in the form of rule manuals for members to build an organizational culture based on employee development, accountability and performance evaluation, and thus we will be able to create a favorable environment for optimizing the operational flexibility of Ribo Royal. The multicultural context of our workforce also enables them to be professionally trained and educated through the exchange of information between members.

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RIBO Royal group focuses on providing creative direct lending solutions to middle market private companies across industry sectors.

RIBO Royal is externally managed by Business Elites a leading independent investment firm specializing in direct lending, high yield bonds, leveraged loans, distressed investments, Partnership Strategy in manufacturing and supplying products.

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