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Foundation for Promoting CSR Management

Our society faces a wide range of problems, including global warming, poverty, and social discrimination. Demand is growing for corporations to address these problems. Listening to the expectations of the public and incorporating those voices into our business activities is a way to enhance Royal’s credibility in society. By sharing values with all stakeholders and integrating CSR and management strategies, we will aim to balance the sustainable growth of society with our economic growth as a global company.

Stakeholder Engagement

We put great importance on communication with our stakeholders at various areas of our business activities. We are working on developing more effective means of communication, as well as on information disclosure to build relationships of greater trust with our stakeholders.

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The Royal Group and Sustainability

Royal is committed to investing and building a secure and comfortable world for all of its current stakeholders and future generations, working together with these stakeholders to innovate and contribute to society. With our talented team and proven experience in global markets, we aim to continuously inspire the world. At the same time, to achieve sustainable growth as a global company, we are accelerating creation of economic and social value.

Royal Approach

As a global company, we share our stakeholders' values and pursue sustainable growth by integrating management strategies and CSR. We align our CSR activities with our Mid-term Management Plan to realize the Royal Group Vision, creating both social and economic value.

Our Ongoing CSR Activities


To achieve a more sustainable society, Royal has identified the environment as an important management focus and is working to reduce the environmental burden of its business operations. Global warming prevention, resource conservation, and ecosystems preservation are the three pillars of our vision. Committed to helping solve global environmental problems that face humankind, we combine our wide-ranging business activities with our IT solutions to promote global production that reduces the environmental burden of a product throughout its life cycle.


Royal’s corporate activities are supported by a wide range of stakeholders, including suppliers, employees, customers, shareholders and investors, and local community members. As a corporation that conducts business around the globe, we are striving to contribute to a sustainable society in collaboration with our stakeholders in each region based on our constant awareness of the expectations of society toward us and of the responsibilities we bear.


Effective corporate governance is essential to cultivating stakeholders' trust and maximizing company value. In addition to establishing a highly transparent system of business operations, Royal is working to ensure that every employee carries out compliance according to a strict moral code and to implement effective risk management across the entire Group.

CSR Management

To realize the Royal Group Vision, which draws on our Corporate Credo and Founding Spirit that form the core of our CSR, we have been sharing throughout the Group our CSR policy, created in 2012, as the basis of our CSR activities. Looking toward the next Mid-term Management Plan that will start from fiscal 2016, we have shifted the CSR Policy to a framework based on ISO 26000 to further integrate management and CSR strategies. From fiscal 2014, we have been further improving communications with our stakeholders to recognize and fulfill our social responsibilities. We will also reinforce the PDCA cycle to ensure execution of our activities and to improve the quality of our management.

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