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Investment Criteria

Investment Criteria

Banking and Finance

The effort in this area began with the request to establish the first Offshore Bank in Iran. Further, through the actions taken, the purchase of a bank license in European Cyprus was approved by the board of directors of the time. And talks began to transfer the license. At the same time, a financial company was also registered in Switzerland. All of these measures paved the way for the establishment of the first Offshore Bank in Iran.

With the start of the eleventh government in Iran, the hope for the establishment of Ribo Bank has also become more powerful. But in the wake of the crises of unauthorized financial and credit institutions, numerous credit cooperatives etc, the Central Bank of Iran suspended the issuance of operating licenses for any bank and institution practically.

However, after a 3-year pause in the field, the bank still looks at the opportunity to follow up the licensing issues. For more information on Ribo Bank, please refer to this page.

In the following, and based on the gained experiences, and by identifying the needs and related areas, this time the Ribo Royal Group has also launched a regional and international new service. While all glances and efforts have focused on the presence of international companies such as Visa, Master etc, inside the country, we have tried to devise solutions that will have merely positive, fast and margin -free results for international payments looking realistically and taking into account the disadvantages and benefits of the arrival of massive international payment networks and switches to Iran.

In this regard, we are proud to introduce the YEKPAY platform, while it is simple, offers a variety of solutions and products in the area of international payments via Rial currency. You can visit this page for more details. The objective of the Ribo Royal Group (also called Royal International Offshore Bank) is to establish the Royal International Bank, which will bring the world-class banking business to the region.


Oil and petrochemical products

Ribo Royal Group was one of the major actors in the export of oil derivatives, including bitumen previously, and in this regard, it has been active in Iraq, Turkey, Cyprus, the United Arab Emirates, India, and many other countries.

It also is allowed to export Iran and Iraq’s crude oil, oil products, especially bitumen, petroleum, petrol, etc., and various petrochemical products such as polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, methanol, etc. from the Iranian producers as first hand. Ribo Royal Group can also cover its oil deals through its subsidiaries and accepting various types of L / C in Turkey and Switzerland. For more details on this area, refer the projects page.


Trade in farming and livestock products

The Middle East, as a densely populated and almost semi-arid region, has an increasing need for supplies of agricultural and livestock products outside the region. Meanwhile, supplying the items such as barley meal, corn, soybean meal, wheat, frozen beef, frozen and fresh sheep meat etc are among the areas in which this complex has been active over the past several years. Having well-known business partners in Brazil, Australia, Mongolia, Russia and Ukraine, and the offices of Turkey, Iran and Switzerland has made possible the expansion of activities of this field. For more details on livestock and farming products, visit this page.


Information and communication technology

In this regard and despite the vacancy of international companies in Iran, we have been able to launch a quantum digital marketing service through our foreign partners.

MeQuantom is in fact the Iranian office of Australia’s loyal and prestigious Quantum Lynx. Quantum Lynx is a specialized digital marketing company and business partner of Google Inc. in Australia. MeQuantom also plans to offer Quantum Lynx Inc. services based on the indigenous conditions of the Iranian business and the company’s standards.

Quantum Linx Inc. claims its search engine exclusive algorithm, which has been able to provide high profits with current customers as a result of searches on Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines.

The main activities and services offered by this company are the provision of integrated digital marketing services, including: Designing and launching a web site according to the goals of business and digital marketing, SEO, Adwords, Content marketing, Email Marketing, Marketing Social network, Setting up and managing an advertising campaign in Facebook and Remarketing. For more information, visit http://www.mequantom.com.



The tourism industry is one of the most important economic activities around the world, which has a significant role in the economic growth and development of countries, especially developing countries.

This industry is one of the growing industries in developing countries, and its economic impact cannot be ignored on production, consumption, employment and investment; since it has impacts on GDP directly, indirectly and intuitively (direct and indirect employee spending) it plays a major role in the economic development of a country.

The world's tourism industry has undergone many changes over the last seven decades and has grown steadily as one of the most important economic sectors, and has been growing steadily despite steady shocks.

According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization (WTO), despite the facing challenges the growth of tourism has continued to grow, with international tourism visits rising from 398 million in 1980, with a budget of 104 Billion dollars a year to 1.13 billion tourists with a budget of 1245 billion dollars a year, which has led many countries, including Iran, to pay attention to the option of partnership and development of this industry.

According to the World Tourism Organization, the World Tourism Council and the Iranian Center for Statistics, in 2014, Iran's share of tourism was 6.1% of gross national product and it has ranked Iran 97th among the 140 tourism countries in the world, which in national tourism Iran possesses a 81.5% share.

Ribo Royal International Corporation, considering the potential of this sector and in order to help the growing industry in Iran , has launched and constructed the Ribo apartment hotel in Tehran in the first phase and according the situation ahead it intends to take an effective step in the development of this category. For more information on the Ribo Hotel, visit this page.

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