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This group is known as the first provider of international payment services via Rial in financial field inside and outside of Iran.

Ribo Royal Group, Owner of "Yekpay" brand, carries out various activities in international payments areas, especially via Rial. The purpose of this service is to facilitate international payments via Rial and for the Iranian dear compatriots.
One of our first services is to facilitate the receipt and payment via Iranian Rial and for businesses outside of Iran in order to sell the goods and services to Iranian citizens using Iranian payment instruments such as ATM network cards.
This group is known as the first provider of international payment services via Rial with more than five years of experience in financial field inside and outside of Iran, under post-CPA conditions and after obtaining the necessary licenses from competent authorities inside and outside of Iran.

Yekpay services
Rial Payment
Providing international Rial payment services to foreign websites and online stores to receive funds with ATM Card.

Online currency reception
Online currency reception for international sales and Rial clearance in Iran for Iranian websites

Online Rial deposit
Online Rial deposit for Foreigners without the need to have a bank account in Iran

Exchange payment
The possibility of paying the Rial for foreign applicants interested in activities in Iran’s stock market and securities
YEKPAY wallet in different currencies and with the ability to connect to different mechanisms inside and outside the country can meet the various activities of users.

YEKPAY wallet is an electronic tool for facilitating the purchase of Iranian people in cyberspace, especially Internet sites, Telegrams, Instagrams and other virtual networks. Aided by YEKPAY wallet, the users can get information about transactions and information related to each other.
YEKPAY wallet will receive user’s account information through connection to the ATM Card, and the charge will be possible directly and immediately through the ATM Card as well as the Internet Web Services. The main purpose of this wallet connected to the ATM Card, is to make internet payments quickly and to eliminate the problems of unavailability of MasterCard and Visa card.
Features of YEKPAY wallet
• The ability to connect to bank cards and acceptability in ATM network
• Internet shopping capabilities from foreign websites
• Direct purchasing through virtual networks
• The ability to store information, scoring, and complete facilities of customer club
• The ability to have multiple wallets in different currencies and the ability to convert the currencies
• Possibility of fast transfer of a currency into Rial nationally with any account or card number
Applied Areas
• The websites of the YEKPAY contracting party for Internet purchase
• Social networking channels for purchasing goods or services
• POS systems in some foreign countries
• Foreign and domestic purchase contracting party centers
• Under a discount card or a voucher template

Lateral services
Providing delivery, clearance and handling services, preparation of foreign websites for providing services to Iranians through site translation, SEO services, environmental and internet advertisement, local support services for websites and online stores.

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