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Ribo Royal International Group consists of 3 companies in Iran, Turkey and Switzerland. This group demands to register the first Offshore Bank in Iran and is licensed to invest and finance various commercial and industRial projects in different regions of Iran and other countries.

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Ribo Royal Group can now operate in a variety of following fields

thanks to the valuable experiences that it has gained from working with its customers and business partners around the world:
  • Investment and financing all projects of free trade zones,
  • Establishment of International overseas Bank
  • Establishment of insurance and reinsurance, currency exchange,
  • Participation in the stock market and foreign capital investment,
  • Activities in all sectors of the economy and services in the free zones of the country including industry and mining, development, tourism, construction and urban planning,
  • Internal and foreign trade, import and export of all authorized merchandise,
  • Agriculture and Plant Improvement,
  • Activities in the oil and gas and petrochemical industry, steel and power plants and refinery and their construction and implementation,
  • Activities in the field of international – national transportation including rail, road, sea and air transport and transit of goods and passengers,
  • Participation and investment in the construction of sea docks by specialized consortia
  • Bunkering to ocean-going tanker ships,
  • Investment and participation in maritime and port industries and facilities, Bunkering operations,
  • Participation and investment in the construction of solar power plants,
  • Damming, ground and sea bridge building,
  • National and foreign Roads and railways construction,
  • Procurement and distribution of authorized merchandise
  • Financial and Consultancy Services and Supervision on them,
  • Obtaining loans and facilities from all banks and domestic and foreign institutions,
  • Participation in the capital market and brokerage,
  • Investment in mutual funds and domestic and foreign stock exchanges
  • Brokerage and clearance
  • Establishing and opening a branch abroad,
  • assigning the agency to all natural and legal entities both inside and outside the country,
  • Obtaining the agency and brokerage from companies inside and outside the country, in particular, from banks and foreign financial and credit institutions, as well as from all national banks and financial and credit institutions,
  • Participation in public and private tenders,
  • Financing domestic and foreign projects,
  • Managing the funds of national and foreign natural and legal entities, via Islamic and international contracts,
  • Participation in the construction of specialized hospitals and international airports and hotels;
  • Participation in the mass housing,
  • Participation in the Cement and Silo Project
  • Participation in the construction of tanker and cruise ships and maritime communication between countries,
  • Job creation, participation and activity in productive plans,
  • Participation and being active in the construction of international universities and the transfer of professors and students,
  • Participation and being active in the construction and implementation of the computer center in the country,
  • Attracting the inventors and explorers and creating the graduation facilities, providing facilities for attracting Iranians abroad and scientific, human and financial resources and tourism attraction project,
  • Participation and being active in the development of health plans for elderly people and for providing domestic and foreign needs,
  • Obtaining and assigning the licenses in the field of overseas plans (region or Middle East),
  • Implementation of water desalination systems and water desalination in agricultural sector, and solar system,
  • obtaining and assigning the necessary licenses and agency on all activities related to the issue of participation in Kish Free Zone and other areas of the country.
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RIBO Royal group focuses on providing creative direct lending solutions to middle market private companies across industry sectors.

RIBO Royal is externally managed by Business Elites a leading independent investment firm specializing in direct lending, high yield bonds, leveraged loans, distressed investments, Partnership Strategy in manufacturing and supplying products.

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